Sinus Irrigation Instructions

Sinus Irrigations

As part of your treatment regimen, Dr. Jourdy may recommend sinus irrigation with either saline alone, or with other therapeutic additions to the saline rinses. This may include a steroid medication which can help to address sinus and nasal inflammation. Topical steroid rinses can also be used to treat and prevent sinus and nasal polyp formation and proliferation. In addition, your treatment regimen may include a number of different antibiotics which can be added to the saline rinse bottle to topically treat or prevent sinus and nasal infections. Some of these therapeutics can be obtained through your local pharmacy while others may be ordered from a compounding pharmacy to obtain the proper formulation to be mixed with the saline in the sinus rinse bottle. Below, you will find instructions for mixing and using various therapeutic rinses that me be prescribed by Dr. Jourdy. If you are prescribed a medicated topical rinse from a compounding pharmacy, the medication will often be delivered to you with instructions on how to mix and use the rinses. If you have any questions, you should not hesitate to contact Dr. Jourdy and his staff.

How to Irrigate the Nose/Sinuses using NeilMed® Bottle

While leaning forward with your head over a sink, irrigate one nostril with half of the bottle (4 oz) while aiming the squeeze bottle diagonally (away from the septum in the middle of the nose). Then irrigate the opposite nostril. It’s sometimes helpful to use the right hand to irrigate the left nostril and vice versa. If done correctly, the saline solution will cleanse your nasal cavity/open sinuses and exit out of the opposite nostril and/or mouth. To prevent the solution from passing into your mouth and throat, its best to focus on making a “k” sound to close off your palate while you irrigate.

NeilMed® Sinus Rinse™